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About Us

EP Custom Products offers the next generation of HVAC products that are designed with the contractor in mind. In turn, the end user receives a more efficient product that provides a greater return on their investment.  

Our concentric diffuser now meets energy codes up to R-8 insulation, while others are still at R-4.2. Improved collars make it simple to attach and retain adhesion with flex ducting. Sheet metal replaces outdated fiber board, increasing the products’ lifespan. New and ever evolving balanced output comes standard; they are even available in a three-way throw. Most importantly, is the addition of safety. Smoke detectors are the new standard and even come with their own access door, an original in the market.

This is just the beginning….

EP Custom Products offers flex duct adaptor pans for concentric diffusers, custom designed for any roof top unit. 

Along with the concentric diffusers, we create supply air drop boxes to fit almost any roof top unit. They incorporate drum style louvers or registers, available in multi-directional as well as slanted face. Need the duct work? We can design and build that too.

We fabricate curb adaptors with the proper weight distribution where it should be; over the existing curb. Our curb adaptors are designed to feature a single-piece bottom, another industry standard.

Our Mission: 
-To improve the HVAC industry standards from the ground up
-Provide innovative solutions that benefit contractors and clients
-Continue to push the limits of the HVAC industry
-Provide the next level of customer service

Have questions or need answers? Call us and we can help you! You ask and we can build it! Just because THEY build it doesn’t mean that YOU have to use it!

The Possibilities are Endless…

Michael L. Savigny

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